21 septiembre 2009

Congratulations to Kristin Chenoweth and Pushing Dasies!!!!

I've woken up this morning with the best new I would ever have...Kristin Chenoweth has won the Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Emmy!!! By her play in Pushing Daisies as Olive Snook. I could have never imagine a better and happier ending (well, it's obvious that it would be better that Pushing Daisies were still on the air).

The unmentionable channel will finally have realized that it was a mistake to cancel the show because, they OWE 4 out of his 8 awards to Pushing Daisies, yeah, the four Emmy awards belong to Pushing Daisies. Emmy Award could be considered like a competition between the main channels of the USA, and thanks to Pushing Daisies, ABC is in the 3rd place of the most important channels of the country. The rest of the Pushing Daisies awards are the following ones: Art Direction for a Single-Camera Series Emmy, Make-up for a Single-Camera Series Emmy and Outstanding Costumes for a Series Emmy.

The official press note has already been released (you can find it in the official webpage) by the Academy of Arts & Science of Television. It reveals another important fact: Pushing Daisies is the 4th TV show which has won 4 awards. The 4th place is shared with American Idol and the Oscars 2009, which have huge budgets and are two of the most popular TB shows in the country (They are AMAZING). Here is the TOP list:

1.- Little Dorit (7)
2.- Grey Garden (6)
3.- 30 Rock (5)
4.- Pushing Daisies (4)
4.- 81st Annual Academy Awards (4)
4.- American Idol (4)

It's a really wonderful achievement because Pushing Daises is cancelled and it only have 22 episodes. Furthermore, ABC haven't broadcasted the final episode (yet)! We all agree with Pushing Daises have been treated in a quite bad and unfair way. In addition, considering the influence of the main channels in the Emmy Awards, it has been almost impossible to be nominated to the rest of main categories because it's cancelled. I'd like to remind you as well that this is the second nomination of Kristin and Lee Pace was nominated last year for the Lead Actor Emmy.

Our itty bitty (who was gorgeous last night) has beaten actresses from SNL, Ugly Betty and Weeds. You can see her speech above here. She joked: "I'm unemployed now so I'd like to be on 'Mad Men'. I also like 'The Office' and '24' ". She also thanked, with tears in her eyes, to the whole cast (Ellen, Swoosie, Anna, Lee, Chi...) and Bryan Fuller. She also thanked to the Academy for giving these awards to a cancelled show. Actually, I think the 4 awards are like an announcement of the Academy, maybe because they don't agree with the ABC decision or they just recognize the greatness of Pushing Daisies.

Definitely, it looks like an ending. But these awards just confirm what it though of the first time I was watching Pushing Daisies: "IT'S THE BEST SHOW EVER". And of course, there will never be another Pushing Daisies. Thank you a lot for everything... :'(

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